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The reBlog project is an effort by Eyebeam R&D and Stamen Design to make it easy to preview and republish articles, web log posts, and web links. The goal is to allow individuals and organizations to filter content and republish material that is most useful to their respective audiences. The first example of a reBlog achieved with this system can be found at


The reBlog system consists of two primary components:

  1. reFeed

    A PHP-based server-side RSS aggregator/reader that allows for quick, easy, iterative filtering, editing and re-syndicating of posts. It's output is an RSS feed that contains numerous metadata necessary to re-publish posts with appropriate attribution. This system is derived from a project called Feed-on-Feeds by Steve Minutillo (

    relevant files are in ./refeed/

  2. Blog System Plugins.

    A set of plugins to different popular blog softwares enabling them to import posts from a ReceSS output feed and republish them with appropriate attribution.

    Plugins have been written for:


See the INSTALL file in this directory named for instructions.

If you have a previous beta installation version of reBlog running, please see the file UPGRADE in this directory for instructions as to how to upgrade to the new system.


See if you don't know what the GPL is.