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Reblog is a PHP-based server-side RSS aggregator/reader that allows for quick, easy, iterative filtering, editing and re-syndicating of posts. Its output is an RSS feed that contains numerous metadata necessary to re-publish posts with appropriate attribution.

Reblog is derived from a project called Feed-on-Feeds by Steve Minutillo (


Please see the installation instructions.

Users' Guide

Please see the users' guide.

User Accounts/Authentication

With reFeed 2.1 beta, we have enabled multiple user accounts within one reFeed installation. The account management and authentication is piggybacked on other systems that refeed already interfaces with in different ways. For more on this, please see the account management page.

Developers' Guide

Information on extending Reblog is available in the API documentation and plug-ins documentation. In-depth documentation of Reblog's core libraries is also available.


Reblog is distributed under the GPL (see the LICENSE file in this directory), though some of its included libraries (in./library/) are not.